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About the artist

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Daisy Metalworks is based in Austin, TX and handcrafted by me, Mijhal Daisy Poler. All designs are made by hand in my studio, and nothing is ever mass-produced. I take pride in making pieces that are original and raw, giving off a delicate yet industrial feel, going beyond simply an accessory and evolving into an aesthetic that combines the vibrancy of the natural earth and the sleekness of modern design.


I fell in love with metalsmithing after a trip to Israel in 2013, where one afternoon a jeweler taught me how to make a silver pendant. I had no idea those two hours would pave the path that I am on now. I became infatuated with metalwork and eagerly found a jeweler to apprentice with upon my return to the U.S. In 2015 I went to Mexico where I learned from a master in a small village -- that was when I became truly fascinated with the magic of working with metals. So, in 2017 I decided to launch Daisy Metalworks, put all of my other jobs on hold, and I have never looked back.  I have an eager curiosity towards the world, as an avid traveler I am constantly inspired and fascinated by new places and cultures. I feel blessed that I get to wake up every morning and translate my curiosities into tangible pieces of wearable art.

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